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High School Simulator GirlA: A Game for Girls Who Love School

High School Simulator GirlA is a game based on the popular Yandere Simulator. Take on the role of an obsessed high school girl as she attempts to win the affection of her crush by any means necessary.

In the anime inspired world of High School Simulator GirlA, the life of a Japanese high school girl is filled with murder, deception and deadly weapons. Use the environment to your advantage by learning timetables and the movements of other students, then silently take out love rivals. Attend different classes to improve your skills and gain useful relationships with teachers, with the ultimate objective of being the last remaining potential suitor. Despite the artificial similarity to the hugely successful Yandere Simulator, High School Simulator GirlA is extremely limited in terms of content. Other characters have little in the way of AI, objectives are nearly non-existent and the overall experience is negative. The game also features an aggressive amount of advertising, resulting in an unsatisfying experience.

high school simulator girla


Explore the wide reaching school grounds and classrooms of High School Simulator GirlA in a mobile sandbox title that lets you control a high school student on both iOS and Android devices. Spawning in your primary classroom High School Simulator GirlA has one of the most expansive worlds to explore when compared to similar titles in this niche genre.


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